The founders owned a retail music store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Band directors would come in and complain that students would not wet the reeds long enough because they did not like the taste of the cane. The ladies in the store remembered the flavored toothpicks and wondered if we could flavor a cane reed. In 1994, after eight years of research, the Flavoreeds Company perfected a method of coloring and flavoring a cane reed so that it was pleasant tasting, without changing the good playing characteristics of a premium reed.

Students will now moisten a Flavoreed thoroughly, without salivating, because it has a mild pleasant flavor. Some dealers have suggested that the Flavoreeds play well and last longer because the flavoring and coloring actually fill the pores of the cane. Players get the same results when they rub the reeds with their fingers to remove air and moisture from the pores.

Flavoreeds are manufactured from select French cane for Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Oboe, and Bassoon.


USA: Harris-Teller, Inc. www.harristeller.com
Australia: Sweetreeds www.sweetreeds.com
China: Wang Yue Music Supplier

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